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Model Code: process compressor
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Process compressors (hereinafter referred to as “process compressors”) refer to reciprocating piston compressors used to compress various single or mixed medium gases in petroleum, chemical and other process processes. In the process of petroleum, chemical, gas industry, etc., it is often necessary to provide a strict physical environment to support the process. As the core dynamic equipment in the process device, the reciprocating compressor of the process is mainly used to transport the medium to the reverse device. Gas, and provide the required pressure to the reaction device.

The process compressor produced by our company has nearly a thousand products, which can compress various media, such as coal gas, biogas, hydrogen gas, natural gas, fluorine chemical gas, tail gas, alkanes, olefins, ingredient gas, non-condensable gas, associated gas, Raw gas, analytical gas, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, helium, argon, etc.

Process gas characteristics

  1. High single-stage compression ratio and large processing capacity

Combining the advantages of reciprocating compressors, screw compressors and small and medium-sized compressors, single-stage compressors can replace multi-stage serial compressors, and there is no separation between stages and heat exchange equipment, which saves users a lot of cost investment and has a very good performance. economy

  1. High volumetric efficiency

Compared with the twin-screw compressor, the volumetric efficiency is increased by about 10%, which greatly reduces energy consumption and has good energy saving performance

  1. With multi-cylindrical envelope design

It has good fluid dynamics performance, water spray lubrication, no secondary pollution, good environmental protection, and oil spray lubrication can also be used according to user needs

  1. No unbalanced force and reciprocating pulsation

Ensure that the bearing has a high service life, bring high reliability to users, save operating costs and maintenance costs

  1. Design of petrochemical process gas mechanical seal with utility model technology

Adopt wet or dry seal, bring high reliability and many options to users

  1. Integrated skid-mounted system design

The overall common base is used, which greatly reduces the requirements for the installation space of the equipment. The equipment layout is compact and reasonable, and the installation and maintenance of the equipment are convenient.

  1. For PLC control system and real-time remote monitoring system

It can meet the needs of various processes for equipment adjustment and control, and can be accurately connected with the user’s DCS system, real-time remote monitoring, with high intelligence and security

Due to the superiority of the structure, the dynamic balance is excellent, the leak-free triangle, high pressure, high efficiency, high economy, can be widely used in petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, electric power, mining, military technology, aerospace, etc. field.

Application: petrochemical field such as oil refining unit, ethylene unit, synthetic ammonia unit, urea unit, coal chemical unit, hydrogenation unit, etc.

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Model Capacity
Suction pressure
Exhaust pressure
Exhaust gas temperature
Rotating speed
Gas medium
HYG4 4 0.04~6 ~50 ~190 1000~3000 butadiene, styrene,

Hydrogen-containing cycle gas, propane

embankment, propylene, tail gas,

Exhaust gas, flare gas,

flash gas, recycle gas,

PSA, CO, C02

and other process gases

HYG5 5
HYG6 6
HYG8 8
HYG9 9
HYG12 12
HYG20 20
HYG25 25
HYG30 30
HYG40 40
HYG50 50
HYG60 60
HYG65 65
HYG70 70
HYG75 75
HYG80 80
HYG90 90
HYG100 100
HYG120 120
HYG15D 150
HYG18D 180
HYG200 200
HYG240 240

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