Diesel Mobile Screw Air Compressor

The diesel mobile screw air compressor is a type of air compressor that uses diesel as kinetic energy and is not limited by the use of electricity, just in time to meet the mobile needs of the equipment. When a mine cave is experiencing air shortages, a diesel mobile screw air compressor compresses the outside air for filtration and provides clean air for the cave.


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Features of diesel mobile screw air compressor
1. Main engine: The large-diameter rotor design of the profile line, the main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a high-elastic coupling, there is no speed-up gear in the middle, and the main engine speed is consistent with the diesel engine, with higher efficiency, better reliability and longer life.
2. Diesel engine: Cummins, Yuchai and other brand-name diesel engines are selected, with strong power and low fuel consumption. With a nationwide after-sales service system, users can get fast and perfect services.
3. The gas volume control system is simple and reliable. According to the size of the gas consumption, the air intake volume is automatically adjusted, and at the same time, the throttle of the diesel engine is automatically adjusted to save diesel to the greatest extent.
4. The microcomputer intelligently monitors the air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel tank liquid level and other operating parameters, with automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.
5. Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dusty working environment; multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for the current situation of domestic oil quality; super large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environment.
6. With a spacious maintenance door, the parts to be maintained are all within reach. It is convenient and easy to maintain the air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery and oil cooler, reducing downtime.
7. It is easy to move, and it can still move flexibly under harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with hoisting rings for safe and convenient hoisting and transportation.

Screw Air Compressor

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  • Turn times as short as 24 hours
  • 1 to 100,0 units
  • Class II Inspection standard and Class III Inspection available
  • 100% on-time guarantee
  • Ce Certification
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Our compressors serve many countries in Asia, America, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc.We have a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the compressor industry, and we are striving to become a leader in this field.

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Technical Characteristics

Power 37-300kw
Voltage 380V 3phase
Working Pressure 0.7~3.5 Map
Flow 3.5~33 M³/min
Fuel Tank Capacity 65-400L
Cooling Method From HYWV-7G to HYWV-45G Airing cooling HYWV-55G to HYWV-250G Water cooling
Material Stainless Steel
Deliver Time 1 samples Within 3days



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  1. Technical engineers have 30 years of experience in gas compressor design
  2. The factory area is 91260m2, with more than 50 skilled workers and more than 15 design engineers
  3. Own CNC machining center, milling machine, welding, inspection, assembly, testing, storage and other complete production lines.
  4. Manufacture of inert, flammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic gas compressors
  5. Professional compressor after-sales service team can provide technical support abroad
  6.  Member of China General Machinery Compressor Industry Association
  7. Holder of ISO9001, ISO14000, patented technology, EU CE certificate.
  8. We can better meet the needs of customers and provide cost-competitive products.

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Many users praise the high efficiency of compressors, which can compress gas quickly so that it can be used more efficiently, saving time and energy.

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We have a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the compressor industry, and we are striving to become a leader in this field.

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90% of the technical staff has more than ten years of experience in the industry.

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