Diaphragm Compressor

A diaphragm compressor is a variant of the classic reciprocating compressor with backup and piston rings and rod seal. The compression of gas occurs by means of a flexible membrane, instead of an intake element. The back and forth moving membrane is driven by a rod and a crankshaft mechanism.


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Diaphragm compressor features
1.Good sealing performance: Diaphragm compressor is a kind of special structure positivedisplacement compressor, the gas does not need lubricationgood sealing performance, the compression medium does notcontact with any lubricant, will not produce any contaminationin the compression process, Especially suitable for highpurity (99.9999% above),rare, highly corrosive, toxic,harmful, flammable,explosive and radioactive gascompression, transportation and bottle filling.
2.Cylinder heat dissipation performance is good:
Compressor cylinder heat dissipation performance is good.close to isothermal compression, can use high compressionratio, suitable for compression of high pressure gas.
Diaphragm compressor technological advantage
1. Low of speed prolong the service life of wearing parts. Thenew membrane cavity curve improves the volumeefficiency.optimizes the gas valve profile, and the diaphragmadopts a special heat treatment method, greatly prolongs theservice life.
2. the use of high efficiency cooler, so that the temperature islow, high efficiency, can properly extend the life of lubricatingoil, O-ring, valve spring. Under the condition of meeting thetechnological parameters, the structure is more advancedreasonable and energy saving.
3. the cylinder head using Mosaic double O-ring seal, itssealing effectis far better than open head.
4.diaphragm rupture alarm structure advanced, reasonablereliable, diaphragm installation is non-directional, easy toreplace.
5.The parts of the whole equipment are concentrated on acommon skid which is easy to transport,install and operation.

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Our compressors serve many countries in Asia, America, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc.We have a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the compressor industry, and we are striving to become a leader in this field.

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Technical Characteristics

Power 7.5-250kw
Voltage 380V 3phase
Working Pressure 7-13bar
Flow 1m³-38m³/min
Start Method Frequency Conversion Start
Cooling Method From HYWV-7G to HYWV-45G Airing cooling HYWV-55G to HYWV-250G Water cooling
Material Stainless Steel
Deliver Time 1 samples Within 3days



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  1. Technical engineers have 30 years of experience in gas compressor design
  2. The factory area is 91260m2, with more than 50 skilled workers and more than 15 design engineers
  3. Own CNC machining center, milling machine, welding, inspection, assembly, testing, storage and other complete production lines.
  4. Manufacture of inert, flammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic gas compressors
  5. Professional compressor after-sales service team can provide technical support abroad
  6.  Member of China General Machinery Compressor Industry Association
  7. Holder of ISO9001, ISO14000, patented technology, EU CE certificate.
  8. We can better meet the needs of customers and provide cost-competitive products.

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Most compressors are considered high quality machines. They are carefully designed and manufactured to work for longer periods of time. Many users have been using compressors for years or even more than ten years, and their quality is still very good

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Many users praise the high efficiency of compressors, which can compress gas quickly so that it can be used more efficiently, saving time and energy.

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Compared with other equipment, the price of the compressor is relatively low. With the continuous development of technology, now the compressor is more and more economical and practical.

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We have a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the compressor industry, and we are striving to become a leader in this field.

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90% of the technical staff has more than ten years of experience in the industry.

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