An Effective and Sustainable Cooling Solution: Compressor Ammonia

9月 12, 2023

An Effective and Sustainable Cooling Solution: Compressor Ammonia

What exactly does compressor ammonia mean?

Mechanical devices known as ammonia compressors are employed in commercial cooling systems. These systems, frequently found in various applications like food processing, cold storage, and HVAC systems, play a critical role in the compression and circulation of ammonia gas. A compressor ammonia basic idea is to provide ammonia gas in a closed-loop system continuously. When it reaches the second heat exchanger exit, the ammonia has been compressed at a high pressure. The ammonia is then expelled after being saturated. This keeps the system steady and cool. Operating costs are decreased as it uses less energy. Its significant function is compressing and moving ammonia gas in a closed-loop system to keep the proper temperature and pressure levels. 

  • Heat exchangers: 

Heat exchangers are employed to regulate temperatures inside the system. There are at least two heat exchangers involved in what you describe. The initial heat exchanger probably takes heat from the surrounding area (the cooling space) and turns liquid ammonia into gas. The compressed ammonia gas transmits heat to the environment and condenses into a liquid in the second heat exchanger.

  • Expulsion of Compressed Ammonia: 

The ammonia gas is released from the compressor after being compressed to high pressure. The second heat exchanger is where this high-pressure gas is subsequently sent, releasing heat and condensing into a liquid form.

  • Energy Efficiency: 

As you indicated, using a compressor enables the system to transfer heat effectively and maintain the required cooling effect, which lowers running expenses. The compressor ammonia reduces energy usage by guaranteeing that ammonia is continually recycled and utilized inside the closed loop.

The Safety of compressor ammonia gas:

Strict safety rules apply to ammonia compressors, including those governing ventilation, pressure, and building materials. The likelihood of an ammonia leak can be reduced using an appropriate maintenance plan and training program. Additionally, they mandate the responsible use of ammonia in the workplace. Employee safety may be ensured by appropriate maintenance and training. Here are some guidelines for using ammonia compressors safely. It is also advised to keep a daily track of system performance. Temperatures, volumes, pressures, lubricant levels, vibrations, starting and pump-down procedures should all be recorded in this log. A leak of ammonia may result from these little mistakes.

The phenomenon of condensation:

When air is present in the ammonia system, condensation happens in a compressor. Since the air is moist, it will add moisture to the system. For this reason, an exact ratio of ammonia to air must be kept in a compressor. This post will go through what to look for when inspecting a compressor for ammonia condensation. Please feel free to contact the equipment manufacturer if you have any queries about this topic. Warm liquid or cold liquid can be used to carry out the condensate recovery procedure. The proportion of condensate depends on the kind of ammonia product needed. The two approaches can be combined to create a straightforward ammonia product. Alternatively, the condensate may be used to create a diluted ammonia solution by adding some water.

Suction force of ammonia compressor:

Conditional air Compression and decompression are the two primary uses of ammonia compressors. They work well together to make a variety of ammonia products. Ammonia is created at high pressure using suction pressure and released at lower pressures using discharge pressure. Varying brands and kinds of ammonia compressors have varying discharge pressures. Ammonia liquid is transferred via pipe 44 and globe valve 48. The outlet pipe 56 has sensors that monitor the liquid flow and operate the valve. The liquid is sent via an electronic expansion valve by a second pipe 60. In order for the system to function properly, pressure and temperature are required. Under-compression may happen when the discharge pressure and suction pressure are not equal. The compressor will work harder than it needs to, as a result, squandering power and energy.

Working Principle of compressor ammonia:

compressor ammonia main job is to boost gaseous ammonia’s pressure so that it may more effectively circulate throughout the cooling system. The mechanical procedure that results in this pressure rise includes the following crucial steps:

  • Low-pressure, low-temperature ammonia gas is suctioned into the compressor from the evaporator. Normally, this gas is at or below its boiling point. The piston or rotary mechanism of the compressor compresses the ammonia gas. Its temperature and pressure both drastically increase as it is squeezed.
  • The compressed ammonia gas is subsequently released into the condenser at a high pressure and temperature. The hot, high-pressure ammonia gas condenses in the condenser, where it transfers heat to the environment or a cooling medium. The ammonia then condenses into a liquid under high pressure as a result.
  • The high-pressure liquid ammonia quickly loses pressure after being throttled or expanded using an expansion valve. The temperature drops as a result of the expansion process, converting the ammonia into a low-pressure gas. After being delivered into the evaporator at low pressure, the ammonia gas absorbs heat from the air around it as well as the object being cooled. This completes the cycle by causing the ammonia to evaporate.


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